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Read testimonials from our clients here to see what life coaching has done for them, and how they have changed vital aspects of their lives with Fiona's help...remember to check in on our Gallery page for pictures from life coaching exercises done by Fiona.

'What has life coaching done for me?'

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              career, change direction"[Life] Coaching has literally turned around my life and perspective on my future in just four months.  Prior to [life] coaching I was wondering about the big questions in life like 'what is my purpose' partly this was due (in hindsight) to reaching the end of a particular job, and being the age I am (mid life and all that).  The crisis of 'self' that I was in felt like the proverbial dead end - there was no future for me as far as I could see.  [Life] Coaching has given me the ability to 'vision' and plan a future for myself, by leading me in such a way that I could not only see there is a 'next step' but by also allowing me to see that my life progress up until this point has not been without reason and I am indeed doing what I should be doing. - and there are great things to look forward to.

I have also learned where a lot of my outlook on life comes from and why I interpret the world in a particular way - this is most useful in that it gives me the ability to change my life because I understand how I 'see' it and therefore I have the ability to change my vision and choose to live it differently.

I have been incredibly enriched by Fiona's guidance in the [life] coaching process, I would not have had a 'life turnaround' without her.  Already I have found a new job and have great plans for the near and far future and plans that for me are more than achievable.  I have a sense of excitement again and my self worth has returned - this process has been life changing."

Julia Buss, testimonial added: October 2010

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            small    "I have learnt such valuable life skills and so much about myself during our sessions together. I appreciate all your efforts and hard work, without you I would never have had such an unbelievable life-changing experience. Thank you for helping me discover myself, be unashamed of who I am and for guiding me and counseling me through the changes. I can honestly say I am on the fast track to being the best person I can be."

Macheila Brandow, testimonial added:  October 2010

pink button small    "As a successful and confident 60 year old business woman my world was perfect. I was happily married, financially secure, both son’s married, three adorable grandchildren and every day that I woke up was a good day.

Then my world fell apart!!

There was just too much to cope with and I could not see the “wood for the trees” in my horror world. I withdrew into a corner and slowly fell apart. Eventually I needed medical help and went to see my local doctor. She helped me and suggested I see a Life Coach. She sent me to Fiona.

As a trained counselor, I was skeptical, but I respected and trusted my doctor, so I went to meet Fiona.

I did not enjoy the first session. Firstly, I felt vulnerable and secondly, Fiona was quite a bit younger than me and I thought, “what does she know that I don’t”! However, my past training told me to give it a go and attend a few more sessions. If I wasn’t happy after a couple of sessions, I would give it a miss. Well I stayed for four months!!!!!!!

Fiona gave me back my confidence, my ability to walk the rough road ahead, and to deal with all the curved balls thrown in my direction. The sessions were stimulating, very interesting and I always came away with a good, positive attitude with my life. Life Coaching is a must for anyone with any concerns, worries, lack of motivation, loss of confidence, or in fact any negative feelings or emotions that one might feel. Fiona was always professional and respectful, making it comfortable for me to speak openly and honestly to her. Fiona and I walked my life together and I came out in the end a stronger and wiser person and am so grateful to have learnt the important lessons she taught me.

It is so nice to have my life back, and to retain the knowledge learnt through our sessions for the rest of my life.

Ann, testimonial added:  November 2011

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            small    "My Name is Nikki and Fiona was recommended to me by a close friend who thought I would benefit from interaction with someone who was committed to helping me ”make my life better”… she was right.

Initially apprehensive, Fiona’s sweet, freckled face and genuinely warm welcome and manner allayed my fears and set the tone for productive dialogue that would extend through the months and initiate and nurture the understanding and means to take on my personal challenges, seemingly insurmountable in their complexity at the time.  This has made a very noticeable and positive difference in various aspects and on different levels of my life.
Fiona’s quizzical intelligence and compassionate insight of her clients define the quality of her sessions.  She manages to unearth ( she knows exactly where to dig!) and gently unwrap, the reasons behind the reasons, the origin of certain behavioural traits and misconceptions that have negatively influenced my life and has cheerfully and enthusiastically help me reset my compass on a holistically healthier and happier course.
I have undoubtedly benefited from my ongoing time with Fiona.

My health and physical wellbeing have improved enormously and I have lost over 10kgs. I have a clearer and more insightful idea of what I need to make me happy in my career and how to get there. My interpersonal relationships have benefited from my sense of improved self and the implementation of self knowledge and understanding I have acquired on my journey with Fiona. It is an ongoing journey and something you have to continually and consistently work at. I am a happier, calmer person. Oh I have my moments…but I cope better with the ‘ Downs’ and  my ‘Ups’  seem to last much longer than they did before!
Thank you, Fiona, for the difference you have made to my life."

Nikki, testimonial: 15 November 2011

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            small    "Coaching with Fiona helps me to stay focused with what- ever area we work on. We set goals together and achieve the goals as far as possible. Coaching helps me to be pro-active in what ever I do. It also helps me to stay positive all the time. My biggest learning milestone was that I am “a somebody”, I am important and I can achieve what ever I want. If you are able to change your belief, you will be able to achieve a personal breakthrough. Coaching made me aware that my most valuable asset is a positive attitude. Coaching gave me tools to over come that stumble blocks that used to keep me from achieving my goals. Fiona thought me that through continuous effort my potential will be unlocked…not through strength or intelligence. I have also learned to repeat the positive (words, thoughts, actions etc.), no matter what!

I had many emotional challenges before starting the coaching sessions with Fiona. With Fiona’s support and practical methods I overcome these challenges. This is almost unreal…

In my Vocational goal I implemented a Customer care card, discovered a suitable Graphic designer who produces outstanding adverts, developed test and measure systems, created and implemented check-lists, empowered myself to discover and focus on our Niche market, and identified our unique selling point.
Go and see Fiona. She helped me to implement “tools” to support my life. Fiona helps me to stay positive, focused, to never stop, to work hard, to see my dreams became a reality and believe in myself, just to say positive things over and over and, to set realistic goals and to love myself!

This has been an incredible journey with Fiona so far….thank Fiona."

Lorraine Koningkramer, testimonial added:  November 2011

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            small    "Before I started going to Fiona for Life Coaching - I was really "stuck" in my life.  I was in a rut with the same thoughts and behaviours resulting in getting the same result which was not getting me anywhere and I remained "stuck", not achieving what I wanted.  All that changed when I started seeing Fiona for Life Coaching sessions.  Fiona has great insight and brings a different perspective on seeing things in life that hindered and blocked my way to success, she gave concrete help to overcome these obstacles that I was not aware of before the sessions.  I am so thankful to say that my life is finally "unstuck" and I have started to move in an upward direction again.  I am so grateful for Fiona's Life Coaching sessions that I can see things far more clearly after having got rid of old beliefs and thinking that kept me achieving success.  If you would like to achieve more in life and if you are stuck in your thoughts and behaviours, I highly recommend Fiona for Life Coaching.  It has been the best investment I have made in myself."

Carla, testimonial added:  November 2011

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“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go and do that, because what the world needs is people who have become alive”
(Howard Thurman)

green button large  7 Reasons to Work with a Life Coach

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                small    More of Life – set goals in line with your true values & not the “ought to’s” or “should's" that others expect of you;

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                small    Work with your goals in a more disciplined environment, & improve your self-discipline;

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                small    Improve your social life – strengthen current relationships, attract high quality people into your life;

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                small    Better decision making – a life coach holds a 'mirror' up to you which helps to remove the 'blind spots';

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                small    Faster development - zero in on & resolve those limiting beliefs;

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                small    More solutions – increase your confidence & ability to innovate;

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                small    More drive to get there – feel heard & supported & hold yourself accountable;

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                small    ...'bonus', number 8...most clients report that they net & save more money during & after coaching than before embarking on this journey.


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